Tranquil Bubs Baby Massage eGuide


Over 99 pages!



Our Baby Massage eGuide is designed for you and your baby (0-12 months) to bond, enjoy, practise and master the baby massage sequences from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to brave the car and nappy bag packing regime. You can learn how to give your baby a massage by following our eGuide. It is that simple!

By reading and learning from our eGuide, we hope that you are able to delve further into understanding the wonderful benefits of baby massage and continue to incorporate and adapt our Tranquil Bubs’ massage sequence into your baby’s daily routine, for many years to come. Our eGuide is for all caregivers and caters to you, whether you are expecting parents to be, or new parents/carers in the parenthood tribe.
Over 90 pages!


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