Why is baby massage so wonderful?

Baby massaging has been loved and practised for centuries by many families around the world including in India, Africa and Nepal. It has only been in more recent years that baby massages have become more popular in Western culture. Nurturing touch begins early on and is one of the first senses to develop in the womb. There is evidence-based research suggesting that when you communicate with your baby through positive touch, you promote a sense of feeling safe and secure.

There are so many wonderful benefits which can be enjoyed by you and your baby, when you give your little one a massage:

  • Relieves teething pain
  • Enhances body awareness
  • Regulates digestion
  • Enhances the bond between you and your baby
  • Reduces colic and reflux
  • Relaxation
  • Fun play time activity
  • Increases weight and growth in preterm infants
  • Immune function increases

Practising baby massage is such a special way to get to know your baby in their early months. You can start on day one by gently massaging your baby either on their skin or over their clothing. At Tranquil Bubs we hope to empower you to enjoy giving your baby a massage in the early days and continue to practise the wonderful bonding experience of massage, into the toddler stage and so on…just as we have, with our little ones.

Would you like to learn more?

Go to the ‘Buy eGuide’ section to see how you can start your baby massage journey with your little one, from the comfort of your home. You’ve got this!

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Throughout my practice I have seen the many benefits of infant massage for both baby and parents. Massage helps to create a relaxing environment that promotes bonding and attachment. This positive interaction helps babies feel relaxed, secure and connected to parents, and increases parents’ confidence in caring for their baby. There are also multiple emotional benefits for both.
Rebecca, Midwife and Maternal Child Health Nurse

As a perinatal and infant mental health clinician, I am always looking for resources to support parents to enhance their relationship with their baby. The Tranquil Bubs eGuide is a wonderful tool, teaching parents and infants how to enjoy the wonderful benefits of baby massage. Stephanie is a highly experienced infant massage instructor who I’ve witnessed first-hand, supporting parents to learn baby massage. She has developed a clear and easy-to-use guide any parent can use, from her many years of experience and expertise.

Anthea Barry, Perinatal Counselling

We love attending Stephanie’s baby massage classes. My baby has been constipated recently and since I have been practising the tummy routine, my baby is feeling a lot happier and calm.

Emily, A Tranquil Bubs’ Mum from baby massage class